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Travel Guide to Cyprus and main resort areas and Places of Interest

Distances between towns / resorts in km

Limassol 80
Paphos 153 72
Larnaca 51 70 142
Troodos 80 51 123 121
Agia Napa 82 99 171 41 163
Polis 188 108 37 177 160 220
Nikosia Limassol Paphos Larnaca Troodos Agia Napa
Note: All place names have been converted into Latin characters according to the official System of Transliteration of the Greek alphabet.

Nicosia places of interest & things to do

Nicosia†- the capital of Cyprus, located in the central part of island, is convenient for visiting from all cities and villages of the island. It not only cultural and business center, but also sightseeing of Cyprus. The age of Nicosia is measured by thousands years...

Limassol places of interest & things to do

Limassol combing its roles as the second largest city, the islandís main port, the center of the wine industry and a bustling holiday resort, Lemesos emerges as a spirited and cosmopolitan seaside town. Lemesos is a lively town largely due to the character of Lemesolians, a fun-loving lot. No wonder it holds the islandís ...

Larnaca places of interest & things to do

Steeped in history, Larnaca is a classic mix of sophistication and culture. With the international airport nearby, Larnaca is the first site of Cyprus for many visitors. Larnaca has many ancient sites worth visiting, e.g. Church of St.Lazarus...

Paphos places of interest & things to do

Paphos is one of the most beautiful and ancient towns of Cyprus. Wherever one treads in Paphos he comes across its glorious history which dates back thousands of years, when the cult of goddess Aphrodite who emerged from its seas, flourished in this beautiful part of the world attracting many visitors

Polis & Latchi

Offer peace, charm and tranquility. Polis, situated on a hill is only 5 minutes drive from the fishing village of Latchi. Latchi is lined with small friendly taverns offering the catch of the day...

Protaras places of interest & things to do

Family-friendly and tranquil, Protaras is situated along the sandy coastline of Cyprus's Fig Tree Bay. The glorious beach is the main attraction, but Protaras has a smaller and more intimate feel than nearby Ayia Napa. You'll have your pick of Cypriot specialties at one of the many open-air seafood restaurants in town.

Agia Napa places of interest & things to do

Agia Napa is an exclusive place for rest: the sea, the sun, blue sky and golden beaches! The small and cosy town located at east coast of the country. Recently, 10 years ago, it was fishing small village. And now Agia Napa is one of the most popular and first class resorts of Europe...

Troodos places of interest & things to do

Troodos Mountains

Nothing can be more dramatic contrast in relation to the Mediterranean coast, than an impressing ridge in the center of the island, reaching 1952 meters above sea level on the highest mountain Olympus. The panoramic view, cool air with a cedar smell - all this is magnificent...




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