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Agia Napa is an exclusive place for rest: the sea, the sun, blue sky and golden beaches! The small and cosy town located at east coast of the country.  Recently, 10 years ago, it was fishing small village. And now Agia Napa is one of the most popular and first class resorts of Europe. It is the noisiest resort of Cyprus, basically the youth which involves abundance of restaurants, night clubs, cafe, discos here is flown down. Hundreds of night places to all tastes and for any age. Here it is possible to dance without a break. Besides a plenty of entertainments Agia Napa offers the visitors remarkable hotels, Aqua Park “Water world”, an amusement park, a gallery of shops. Sights of city: a monastery in honour of Deva Maria of an epoch of the Venetian board, a museum of sea life and many other things. Here it is better to have a rest during a summer season as in the winter the tourist life of city becomes quiet.

Places of interest in Agia Napa


Macronissos Tombs

The site consists of 19 rock - cut tombs, a small sanctuary &

an ancient quarry situated west of Agia Napa in the Macronissos area. The targets of illegal digging, the tombs were badly looted over the years. Archaeologists believe the dead were placed in clay sarcophagi that were originally covered with three flat tiles. The tombs had a rectangular entrance originally closed with one or two slabs. Most of the chambers are almost identical with a rectangular trench in the middle and three benches at the side. The tombs were used during the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Pyres were found on the surface, characteristic of Greek burial customs. The sanctuary is a simple rectangular enclosure, made of large irregular blocks.


Agia Napa Monastery

This charming medieval monastery dedicated to ''Our Lady of the Forests'' stands in the middle of the village of Agia Napa surrounded by a high wall. Both the village and the monastery take their name from the ancient Greek word for wooded valley "Napa"– a reference to the morphology of the area in the past. Built like a medieval castle around 1500 AD, Agia Napa Monastery is the best known landmark of the village as well of the surrounding area. The monastery is partly built underground and cut into the rock. The ancient sycamore tree in front of the south gate is believed to be over 600 years old.


Avgorou Ethnographic Museum

The Avgorou Ethnographical Museum is in an old two - storey traditional house with a large courtyard situated a short distance from Agia Napa. Exhibiting various items, from furniture to the old silk wheels, it portrays the way of life of previous generations.


“Thalassa” Sea Museum

The "Thalassa" Sea Museum in the centre of Agia Napa is housed in a modern multi - purpose building with noteworthy architecture, and aims to promote awareness of the marine heritage of Cyprus from prehistoric times to the present. Pride of place among the exhibits is a life - size, functioning replica of a 4th century Greek trading ship that sunk off the coast of Keryneia.

Recommended accommodation in Agia Napa

Aeneas 5* A. Napa Cyprus 

 Alion 5* A Napa Cyprus

Grecian Bay 5* A Napa Cyprus  

 Adams 5* A Napa Cyprus

Asterias 4* A Napa Cyprus 

 Dome 4* A Napa Cyrpus

Grecian Sands 4* A Napa Cyprus 

 Nissi Beach 4* A Napa Cyprus

Pavlo Napa 4* A Napa Cyprus 

 Bella Napa 3* A Napa Cyprus

Marina 3* A Napa Cyprus 

 Napa Mermaid 3* A Napa Cyprus

Nestor 3* A Napa Cyprus 

 Stamatia 3* A Napa Cyprus

Sancta Napa 3* A Napa Cyprus 

 Nissiana 3* A Napa Cyprus

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Things to do & buy in Agia Napa

Enjoy one of the nice taverns & bars, cafe, disco, local and internal restaurants.




Water Park

Sports & leisure



Shopping area in Agia Napa

Cyprus excels in handcrafted goods and the government have recognised the value of this by creating the Cyprus Handicraft Service. The official shops compete with the unofficial shops but all of them sell quality goods at reasonable prices. Popular gifts and holiday mementoes are the embroidered linens, the Lefkara lace and ceramic pots.






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