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Bitter Lemon - Kerynia


Morning drive to the island's capital and the last divided city in the world where, we will cross the green line and head towards the Kerynia & Pentadaktylos (five fingers) mountains at the North side of Cyprus.

Our first visit will be at Agios Hilarion castle dating back to 8th - 10th century AD. An impressive castle built on the top of Pentadaktylos mountain range overlooking Kerynia. It's enchanting historical background and the wonderful views will take you back to bygone times. Then we will visit the Bellapais Abbey. The monastery, one of the unparallel samples of Gothic Art, is situated on the flanks of the Pentadaktylos - (Kerynia) Mountains. The first settlers of the monastery were the priests of the Augustinian order who had migrated from Jerusalem. The first monastery building was contracted between 1198-1205. Ample will be given for lunch at a nearby restaurant.

Then we shall drive to Kerynia with its horseshoe- shaped harbour, its medieval castle, snow- white houses between archways which open on to narrow streets, it resembles a coastal town in the south of France.

We will go on to visit the Kerynia Castle. The castle is thought to have been constructed to protect the town against the Arab raids in the 7th century. Inside the castle is located also a  museum, which contains the original cargo and equipment from the ancient ship of Kerynia. A merchant ship dating from 300 BC, raised from the sea bed of the Mediterranean near Kerynia castle. The ship is probably the earliest trading vessel yet discovered. Ample time will be given for  coffee or to stroll in the picturesque harbour of Kerynia, before we make our way back to the hotel.









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