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The "Going Green" Experience Here's a trip that takes you deep inside the Troodos Forests to see off-the-beaten track destinations wilderness areas seldom visited by average tourists. It's a day filled with spectacular landscapes, little known cultural and nature monuments, clean rivers, pristine air, birds, flowers, trees, rocks, soils, cliffs, fields, orchards and lots of fun and adventure. Did we forget something? Oh, right: There's a chance to do some light trekking in cool, shaded mountain forests along the most beautiful valley in Cyprus! We top it all off with great local food and wine. Got the general picture? Here are the specifics: - Petra tou Romiou (the so-called "Birth of Aphrodite"). You can marvel at the rocks or even take a quick swim, if you fancy. - We journey deep inside the Paphos hinterland to visit Pano Panayia, the village house of Cyprus' most famous modern historical figure, Archbishop Markarios III. We will take a look inside Makarios' Birthplace, a smile one-room house with very ethnic furnishings, and then move to the nearby Khrysoroyiatissa Monastery, often described as "the most quaint and picturesque monastery on the island" We will tour the old stone monastic complex, visit the famous church and pop into the newly built Museum. The views from the outside terraces are stunning. - Into the deep Paphos Forest we go! We take the road less traveled to reach what may be the most serene and majestic spot in the Troodos Mts, Cedar Valley. Pure Troodos magic! Why is it that hardly anybody else visits this pristine forest refuge, the only place in the world where one can experience the magic of Cyprus' largest endemic tree, the Cyprus Cedar (cedrus brevifolia)? It's because nobody else knows about this place? Well, surely we shall not tell them! Learn the story of these unique trees as you enjoy a short walk and breath in the cleanest air on the island! - Trek through Platys: A non-strenuous, yet satisfying mini trek along well-shaded forest tracks through virgin stands of pine. On rare occasions, the elusive Cyprus Moufflon has been sighted in this area (This is an optional 20-min walk, which means anyone who is not keen to walk can simply opt out of it!) - Kelephos Bridge: This ancient stone bridge dates to the Venetian period and spans the source area of the Dhiarizos ("Two roots") River - Omodos Village: we end the day with a stop at this quintessential Cypriot village, famous for it's narrow streets, stone architecture, friendly people and the Timios Stavrou Monastery (Where it is said, a piece of the rope used to tie Christ to the cross is still kept) Note: we reserve the right to make last minute changes, alterations, modifications or enhancement to the itinerary due to the reasons of safety, climate, group ability and/or logistics.



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