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Why Cyprus ?

Cyprus may seem to be the small country, but it is rather a big Island - the third in Mediterranean Sea, located on a joint of three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa. It has area of 9251 sq. km, 37 % of territory are occupied by Turkey. The length of a coastal line is 780 km. Population is approximately 818 200 people. It is Island with the big heart: which welcomes visitors from all parts of the world, island of beauty and the country of contrasts: cool cedar and pine woods in the mountains and gold and sunny sandy beaches. There is atmosphere of carefree rest on the Island. It is considered, that here is the healthiest climate in the world: sea winds fill air with vivifying salts, sun beams give energy, fresh fruit and vegetables all year round give forces. It is island of romanticism, love and beauty. The country with deep ancient traditions and almost 10 000 years history. Its strategic position in the Mediterranean has made Cyprus a sought – after prize for many of the great civilizations with the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Louisianans, Venetians, Ottomans, British… Byzantine churches & monasteries, medieval castles & fortresses, all there just waiting to be discovered!


So ... You ask why Cyprus? - We answer:

* Easy flight access from all over Europe & Middle East (direct and connecting flights, too)

* Fabulous hotels with excellent conference facilities

* State of the art telecommunication and other services

* Hospitality at its best

* First class cuisine & wines

* 10000 years of history & culture

* Fascinating archaeological & cultural

* Friendly people







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